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Welcome to the client area. Here, you can have the convenience of viewing my availability and booking sessions with me. You can choose to meet me in person at our practice in Vienna’s 14th District or opt for online sessions (currently conducted via Zoom).

Please note that you need to be logged in to do this. If you are logged in then, you can proceed and book To schedule a session, simply use the navigation menu located above and select book an initial consultation or book a follow-session accordingly.


New clients without a login

If you are a new client and have not received a log in link from me, then please fill out the initial contact form for new clients here.

Returning clients

Returning clients with a login link:

If you a returning client  using a link that I have sent you to log in and cannot see a message above that you are logged in under your name, then the link has expired and you need to get in touch with me at

Returning clients without a login link:

If you are a returning client without a login link or up-to-date login credentials then please get in touch with me at