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Trauma therapy

Counselling and trauma therapy Vienna 1140

An I traumatised?

Trauma is a type of “psychological injury” that arises from major or permanent overloading of the psychological protective mechanisms as a result of traumatising experiences. It leads to feelings of helplessness and being at the mercy of others, sometimes to the point of fear of death, and shatters our understanding of ourselves and the world. Examples of traumatising events include natural disasters, violent crimes, accidents and loss. However, not everything that is stressful is necessarily traumatic; it depends on the individual’s resources …

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

Trauma-related disorders and post-traumatic stress syndrome leave psychological wounds after stressful life events. Feelings such as fear, sadness, anger and disappointment are normal, as are intrusive images and physical reactions. Post-traumatic stress is a natural reaction. Dissociative symptoms can occur, such as feelings of “not being with oneself” or memory gaps. Derealisation occurs when the world seems unreal …

Treatment of PTSD and symptoms as a result of trauma

The treatment of post-traumatic stress syndromes and trauma-related disorders takes place in four phases: Orientation and stabilisation, further stabilisation and intensive resource building, trauma confrontation procedures and saying goodbye to the distressing past as well as planning for the future. Qualified trauma therapy with a specialised psychotherapist is recommended in order to support sustainable processing …


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Kevin J. Hall, MSc

Psychotherapist (systemic family therapy), cert. emotionally focused therapist (ICEEFT), ACC/IOBC Senior Coach, Hypnotherapist (ISH)

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